Festivals in Ireland: whisky, beer, food and fun for all!

Ireland is a country renowned for its rich and unique culture. Not only is it known for its beautiful scenery and spirit of hospitality, but it is also famous for its festivals that take place all over the country. The most interesting ones are food, whiskey, beer and entertainment festivals, and of course St Patrick’s Day and Halloween. In this article, we will tell you about the most colourful and memorable events to visit.

Food Festivals

Ireland is a foodie’s paradise, thanks to the many food festivals that take place throughout the country. Some of the most famous festivals include:

Taste of Dublin

Taste of Dublin is a food festival that takes place at the Iveagh Gardens Park in June and lasts for four days. The event features dozens of food and drink stands with a variety of dishes ranging from Irish cuisine to exotic culinary masterpieces.

Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival

Фестиваль устриц и креветок

This is an annual festival that takes place at the end of September in Galway city on the west coast of Ireland. This festival offers fresh oysters and other seafood to the guests along with various activities such as food and drink competitions, musical performances and fireworks. Some of the popular dishes to try at this festival include fresh oysters, crayfish, mussels and lobster. You can also sample local beer and wine and take part in seafood cooking masterclasses.

Galway International Food and Craft Festival

A festival that takes place in Galway in the first week of July. It features local produce and fish, as well as craft beers and wines.

Kilkenny Food Festival

A festival that takes place in April in Kilkenny. It is one of the oldest festivals in Ireland and features local cheeses, fish and seafood, as well as local beer and wine.

Taste of West Cork Food Festival

A food festival held in September on the west coast of Ireland. You can sample fresh seafood, local produce, vegetables and fruit, as well as enjoy Irish desserts and drinks.

Dingle Food Festival

A festival that takes place in October in the town of Dingle. This festival features local seafood, cheeses, local beer and wine, as well as local music and dancing.

Whisky Festivals

Ireland is famous for its whisky, and it’s no surprise that the country hosts many festivals dedicated to the drink. If you are a whisky lover, Ireland is the place to be.

Dublin Whiskey Festival

This festival takes place in June in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. The festival lasts for a week and offers many whisky-related activities. Here you can taste a variety of whiskies from famous producers, as well as learn about the history of whisky. The festival includes masterclasses, tastings and other interesting events.

Belfast Whiskey Week

This festival takes place in September in the city of Belfast. It lasts for a week and includes various whisky events. You can sample over 250 whiskies, learn about the history of whisky production and enjoy the atmosphere of the city.

Cork Whiskey Festival

This festival takes place in October in Cork. It lasts for a week and offers many whisky-related activities. At this festival, guests can taste different whisky varieties and brands, learn about the history of whisky production and preparation, and take part in cocktail masterclasses and tastings.

Besides, there are several other whiskey festivals such as Waterford Whiskey Weekend, Whiskey Live Dublin, which are also very popular among connoisseurs.

In conclusion, Ireland is a true paradise for whisky lovers. The choice of whisky brands here is huge, and each of them has its own history and peculiarities of production. At festivals, you can taste not only classic varieties, but also experimental and rare types of whisky, which are not so easy to find in the shops.

Beer festivals

Фестиваль пива

Ireland is famous for its beer, which has been produced in the country for centuries. And it is not surprising that there are many beer festivals here, where you can taste the best varieties of this drink. Let’s talk about the famous beer festivals in Ireland.

Dublin Beer Festival

The Dublin Beer Festival is held in May every year. Here you can sample over 500 beers from various Irish and international breweries. There is a fee to enter the festival, but this includes a glass of beer to fill at any of the stands at the festival.

Cork Beer Festival

The Cork Beer Festival, which takes place in August each year. The festival is one of the biggest in Ireland and features hundreds of beers from some of the best local and international breweries. There are also a variety of beers on offer, from strong IPAs to light beer cocktails.

Galway Craft Beer Festival

The Galway Craft Beer Festival is held in July every year. You’ll find over 100 beers from local breweries, as well as food and live music. The festival attracts not only beer lovers but also many tourists, making it one of the most popular festivals in Ireland.

Belfast Beer and Cider Festival

The Belfast Beer and Cider Festival takes place in November each year. The festival features over 200 beers and ciders from local and international breweries. It also features a variety of food and live music.

Ireland also hosts many other beer festivals such as Killarney Beerfest, Limerick Craft Beer Festival, Dingle Beer Festival, etc. These beer festivals offer a variety of beers that cannot be found in regular bars and shops. For example, at the Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fair, you can try over 300 beers, including experimental beers produced by small breweries. The festival also features food that pairs perfectly with beer, such as smoked meats, cheeses, seafood and other snacks.

Fun Festivals

Хэллоуин и люди в Ирландии

Ireland is a place where there is always something exciting going on and there are many festivals for children and adults to enjoy. Various events including musical performances, theatre shows, sporting events and others attract people from all over the country and beyond.

Festivals for children

When it comes to entertainment festivals for kids, Ireland does not disappoint. Here are a few of the best festivals that will make your holiday memorable for kids.

Trim Balloon Festival

Фестиваль воздушных шаров

«Trim Balloon Festival» is an annual festival held in the town of Trim, County Meath. It is usually held in August each year. The festival features colourful balloons of various shapes and sizes, various games and activities, and a variety of local food.

Night at the Museums festival

Night at the Museums is an annual festival held at various museums throughout Ireland. It is held annually in late January or early February. The date may change each year. At the festival, children can visit museums that are closed during normal hours, take part in various workshops and games.

Dublin Comic Con

This festival is held annually in Dublin in early August and attracts comic book fans from all over the country. At the event you can meet celebrities from the comic book world, participate in costume contests, buy comics and other pop culture related merchandise, and participate in various activities and discussions.

In addition, there are other comic book festivals such as Belfast Comic Con, Galway Comic Fest and Cork Comic Expo, which also bring together comic book and pop culture fans from all over Ireland. At these festivals, you can meet celebrities from the comic book world, buy comics, figures and other souvenirs, and enjoy shows and events related to pop culture and fantasy.


Хэллоуин в Ирландии

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on 31 October each year. The holiday is derived from the Celtic festival of Samhain, which was celebrated in Ireland and Scotland about 2,000 years ago.

Halloween is associated with various traditions such as carving a pumpkin in the shape of a face (Jack-o’-lantern), costume parties, and candy gifts for children. On Halloween, many children dress up as ghosts, vampires, zombies and other monsters and then go door-to-door asking “trick or treat” for candy and other goodies.

For this holiday, it is customary for the Irish to decorate their homes and front lawns with cute ghosts and pumpkins. Just walking through the city, you are already inspired by the festive atmosphere.

Although Halloween may seem like a scary holiday, it is actually fun and is a source of enjoyment and entertainment for many people. On this day, people can enjoy holiday cheer, delicious food and fun games with friends and family.

Festivals for adults

Just like for children, Ireland has many festivals geared towards adults, including music, theatre and sporting events. Here are some of the best adult entertainment festivals in Ireland.

Redhead Convention

Фестиваль рыжих

Redhead Convention, is an annual event held in Ireland that brings together all redheads from all over the world. It takes place in the town of Cross haven on the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry. At the festival, you can buy souvenirs and products related to red-haired people, as well as take part in charity events. In 2014, the Guinness World Record for the number of red-haired people gathered at the festival was set at 1,956.

Electric Picnic is a music festival

This is one of the largest and most popular music festivals in Ireland. It is usually held in late August or early September. Here you can enjoy performances by international music stars, theatre performances, comedy shows and much more.

Saint Patrick’s Day

День Святого Патрика

St Patrick’s Day is Ireland’s bank holidays, celebrated on 17 March. It is a bright and colourful celebration accompanied by music, songs, dances and parades. The main event of the holiday is the parade that goes through the streets of Dublin and other cities in Ireland. The parade features huge puppets of St Patrick, dancing leprechauns, musicians and dancers in traditional national costumes.

Sea Sessions Music Festival

Sea Sessions is a music festival that takes place every year on Bundoran Beach in County Donogol at the end of June. This festival features musical performances by famous artists and bands such as The Coronas, Two Door Cinema Club, Dermot Kennedy, Clean Bandit and many others. In addition, the festival also offers surfing and other water sports, as well as the opportunity to enjoy local food and drink.

Dublin Theatre Festival

This is a theatre festival that takes place in September and October each year in Dublin. It features performances from leading theatres from around the world.

Cork Jazz Festival

This is an annual jazz festival in late October that attracts thousands of people to Cork. The festival offers over 1,000 concerts over the weekend, including performances from international stars. Held every year in the last week of October

Galway Races Festival

The Galway Races Festival is one of the biggest annual events in the Irish horse racing calendar. The festival lasts 7 days and takes place at the end of July at Ballynakill Racecourse near Galway. The festival includes not only horse racing but also many different events including concerts, exhibitions, fairs etc. It also offers traditional Irish food and drink.

There are many festivals in Ireland that offer various forms of entertainment for children and adults. Whether you love music, food, art, culture, sports or just want to relax and enjoy yourself, you are sure to find a festival that suits your interests and preferences. In addition, many festivals in Ireland have a long history and are part of the country’s cultural heritage. These events provide a unique opportunity to learn about Irish culture and traditions, as well as enjoy the hospitality and friendliness of the locals.

Whether you are visiting Ireland as a tourist or living here permanently, festivals are a great way to spend time with friends and family, enjoy the festive atmosphere and create unforgettable memories.

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