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Central2r.com is an information portal that gathers useful information about different countries, their major cities, attractions, entertainment, climate, real estate, festivals, as well as about the pros and cons of life in these countries. Here you can find information that will be useful for both tourists and those who are thinking about moving to another country for permanent residence.

Our mission and goal is to provide an interesting and useful source of information for travelers. We aim to collect all the necessary information on our website to help our readers choose an interesting destination for the trip.

We hope that our site will become for you the main source of information about countries and will help you to make the right choice.

In addition, we collect information that may be useful to those who are interested in living in another country for a while and obtaining citizenship. With the advent of the Internet, all people in the world were able to live where they wanted, not just where they were born and grew up.

Our site is for those who are looking for new opportunities and are ready to expand their borders. We believe that our site will be useful for you, and you will come back to us again when you want to go on a new trip or draw up a route around the world.

We are a small team – just two travelers who have not yet had time to travel the whole world, but set themselves such a goal.

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